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About the 'Home' Art Exhibit

What does "home" mean to you? As a concept and a place, it means different things to different people. Is home where we live, or where we're from? When we think of it in terms of a physical space, home is where we live, sleep, eat and love. Under the best circumstances, it is an emotionally and physically safe place. Alternatively, when we “feel at home”, it may be less about the place or building itself and more about having a sense of belonging, a feeling of community. In this sense, home combines both the intimacy of our inner worlds and the more visible outer spaces we occupy.

How can our ability to access and keep a home change and evolve over time? What influences this? While there are many factors, the exhibit explores and depicts what it looks like to be disrupted or removed from your home - the struggle to access safe and affordable housing, of losing a home due to an eviction or of living through an occupation - and of rebuilding a new life, a community, a home after (re)settling in a new country.

The quote, "home is an imaginary place," reminds us that much of how we think about home exists in our minds. Firmly planted in our imagination are ideas and sentiments that inform what it means to be at home. In these ideas and sentiments, whose homes are visible and valued and whose are invisible and devalued or neglected? What would it mean to create a city where all residents have a truly safe and stable home?

This exhibition includes professional, emerging, and community artists based in Ottawa. In viewing this exhibition, we invite you to think about the spaces you call home.

Curated by Fiona Barbaro Sant (Co-Chair Arts and Culture Committee of the Lowertown Community Association), Kendra Hughes (Co-Chair Arts and Culture Committee of the Lowertown Community Association) and Monique Fuller (Ottawa Black Art Kollective). The exhibit was made possible with funding from Ottawa Markets.

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